A word from Toni…

“Ebb and Flo was born out of a desire to pursue a life of living, not just existing. The mission has always been to create opportunities that provide memorable and positive experiences on the water to as many people as possible.

I previously worked in the mental health services and understand all too well the positive effects physical activity, being outdoors, being on the beach and being in or by the sea has on mental health.

Inspired by the short documentary film ‘Resurface’ and the book ‘Blue Mind’ I knew from the onset that making our SUP and kayaking accessible had to be part of what we do. That has remained in the forefront of my mind since Ebb and Flo was born.

Paddle boarding, being in the sea or on the beach makes me happy. I believe if something gives you joy it should be shared with as many people as possible. Accessibility isn’t an obstacle it’s an opportunity to reach out and share that positivity with more people.

Differences inspire me and if I can adapt my work to enable me to share the joy of the water with more people, I’d say that’s a job well done.”


People with disabilities and learning difficulties who need additional support e.g. physically disabled, visually impaired, hearing impaired, learning difficulties etc.

We aim to cater for an individual’s additional needs so they can get the most out of paddle boarding and kayaking while having a safe and positive experience.


As well as drawing on our own experience from working with individuals with learning difficulties, we work closely with local experts and clients to ensure our experiences are as safe and accessible as possible and will always welcome constructive feedback.

Our equipment such as our tandem SUP board, XL (group) SUP board and tandem kayaks, means that we are able to provide water experiences for people who would not be able to access the sea on their own. 

We understand that a person’s additional needs are completely individual therefore, we offer an impartial discussion to enable us to understand what we need to know for the individual’s safety and accessibility on site and in the water. This will allow us to make the experience as memorable and positive as possible.


Our water sport sessions are tidal and seasonal and of course weather dependant. We will arrange sessions around the tide times and reasonable weather conditions and inform everyone through our website and social media sites. So, keep a look out!



Based on the North promenade end of Cleethorpes seafront we have access to a gorgeous part of the coastline.


In the pipeline…

At the forefront of our minds when considering our adaptive sessions is all round inclusivity. Our current equipment means we are able to assist those who are able to sit unaided. That being said! We are in the process of designing and creating equipment to enable us to safely cater for those who cannot sit unaided.