Mercury | Gemini + Virgo


Signs – Gemini + Virgo

Sleek + glossy in design, this rune has been hand cast & carved from recycled sterling silver.

Mercury and the air sign of Gemini rule communication and the function of the mind.

May 22nd – June 21st

Mercury and the Earth sign of Virgo create insightful, precise and observant qualities.

August 22nd  – September 23rd

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Classic in design & original to Ebb & Flo the planet runes make a great alternative to traditional horoscope designs.

Every planet has a sign that it rules. These are also known as signs of dignity.

The natures of the planet & sign are complimentary & work together harmoniously.

The planet rune measures approx. 14mm in diameter and is strung on an 18″ belcher chain.

Please allow 2 weeks for this item to be made.

* please note each piece is handcrafted and may differ slightly from the image.