Selene + The Sea


Selene + the sea is symbolic of the bond between the oceans and the moon.

The inverted crescent has been hand carved and cast in 100% recycled sterling silver.

Finished with a 3mm A grade larimar cabochon and strung on a 18″ belcher chain.

In stock (can be backordered)

Selene in Greek mythology is the goddess of the moon described as the eye of the night. Selene is depicted wearing a crescent moon crown hence the design of this piece.

As the goddess of the moon, Selene was the patron of the feminine. She was believed to have the power to ease childbirth and inspire love. Selene also was believed to have the power to mask reality and pierce illusion.

Selene is said to awaken intuition and spark psychic visions. She is often considered to be the patron of solutions, which often come to people in dreams when the subconscious mind has a chance to process information that has not been consciously acknowledged.

The moon is a symbolic soul mate to water. Larimar is used in this design to represent the bond between the moon and the oceans. Larimar is one of the cardinal water element stones. The gravitational pull of the Moon and the Sun govern the tides causing a continuous ebb and flow of the oceans.

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