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A culture defined by those who live it.

A word from our founder

We have a simple philosophy: A deep respect and love for our blue planet.  Our goal is to promote physical and mental well-being whilst minimising the environmental impact in all our products, activities and experiences. 

We are passionate about the natural world and have a deep respect and appreciation for the environment and a love for the water.

As a responsible, sustainable and ethical brand we are committed to aligning our believes with the way we do things. EBB & FLO balance purpose and profit meaning a percentage of profits are directed back into environmental causes and local charities.

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All of our jewellery is designed, developed and produced in a responsible, ethical and sustainable way.  Our 925 silver and stones are sourced from sustainable and ethical suppliers.

Creating new designs inspired by our way of living is one of the most rewarding experiences.

Choose your jewellery journey with us.  You can browse and order online, take a look around our shop or pop in store for a one of a kind consultation.

a culture defined by those who live it

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At EBB & FLO we believe that our activities and experiences should be available to everyone. We are constantly working to make our experiences fully inclusive. 

Jack Brumpton: “Look at me, I’m standing up! Tell everyone if I can do it, anyone can”.

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We believe most of the frequently asked questions are covered on our FAQ’s section linked below.  However, if you can’t find an answer to your question you can either chat with us on instant messenger or fill in the form  here.


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